About Me.

Hi, I’m Cara. digital marketing freelancer, copywriter, and word nerd.

This is me, just sitting in a pile of leaves in my backyard, looking all friendly and folksy and Minnesotan.

But here’s the deal.

I can help you tell the story you didn’t know you had in a way you didn’t know you could to reach customers you didn’t know were out there.


Digital Marketing Services

When you need a digital marketing professional to lead your messaging that will inspire your audience, build brand loyalty, and drive revenue, I’m here for you. Consider me an extension of your marketing team.

Your business is unique, so you need a customized solution to your marketing needs. When we partner together, we’ll focus on your goals, your distinct share of the market, and your ideal customers–then work a plan to produce incredible results.

By working with a digital marketing freelancer like me, you get the benefit of growing your marketing department without any of the overhead. I won’t drink any of your coffee or take extra long lunch breaks. I’m devoted to helping you, growing your business, finding even more customers, and shattering your revenue goals.

I’ve helped the best of the best in the world with their digital marketing services. Are you next?

Not so sure outsourcing your digital marketing is such a great idea? I get it. After all, who knows your business better than you do? Hiring out your digital marketing frees up your bandwidth to run your business and augments your team with a marketing expert who is tasked with one thing and one thing only: results.

I expect to work exceptionally hard and you deserve remarkable results.

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