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Creating a Buyer Persona: What’s the Point?

When I was 8, the neighborhood girls and I set up our lemonade stands by the post office at noon. We knew exactly who we were targeting: Working people running errands at lunch who probably had money on them.

We knew our buyers. We also had a monopoly–there was no other competition on the block. 

Today, it’s not so easy, it’s a noisy place out there. Everyone is fighting to win the hearts, minds, and, of course, business from the masses. 

But, is the masses really where the business is? 

Maybe if you’re Target or Coke. 

Why Create a Buyer Persona

The truth is that most small to medium-sized businesses appeal to a very specific niche audience. Even if your offering is fairly broad, you have probably found that certain product/service lines do well with a specific audience. 

Creating a buyer persona helps you separate all your potential customers into distinct groups, so you can create crystal-clear messaging that is meant for them–and people just like them–who want to buy your offering. 

Here’s why creating buyer personas is important, so you can:

  • Attract your perfect audience
  • Expand your marketing efforts where your perfect customers are
  • Improve your products and services to meet the needs of your people
  • Speak the language of your customers in your marketing messaging
  • Align your team to focus your business priorities on your buyers
  • Share as much love as possible with your customers
  • Stand out from the competition who is still just yelling at everyone

How to Create a Buyer Persona

The process of creating a buyer persona involves creating a fictitious person who best represents each of your market segments, then giving them a name, a face–a whole life. 

You’ll ideally create one buyer persona for each business line. So if you have three major lines of business, you’ll create three buyer personas. 

The kind of information you’re going to collect on your buyers includes their demographics, what keeps them up at night, buying behaviors, and more. 

Where will you get your buyer persona information? 

  • Interviews with your customers and prospects
  • Feedback from your sales team
  • Check your analytics
  • Your contact databases

Buyer Persona Templates

There are many helpful templates you can download or use as inspiration to create your own custom template. 

Final Thoughts on Buyer Personas

On LinkedIn, there was a discussion about capturing attention with Nick Tran, Head of Marketing at TikTok. His opinion was that should be the outcome, not the goal. And I couldn’t agree more. There are a lot of things that capture my attention, but not necessarily for the right reasons. I would rather be attracted to something than captured. Pulled, not pushed. 

As marketers, we need to have real conversations with people about things they care about. It takes the “cold” out of selling, everyone is a warm lead now. It changes the dynamic of your conversation to putting you in the position to help solve the problems, make their life better, and inspire them to tell others. 

Need Help Creating Buyer Personas?

If you need to create your buyer personas and aren’t sure where to start we should talk! It’s a fun exercise that can shed some serious light on your ideal demo–and I’d love to be part of it.

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