How to Write Website Taglines That Connect

Think of your website homepage like your front door. Where your perfect customers feel welcomed and like you totally understand them. Whatever their problem is, you are the perfect one to take care of it.  

But how do you convey that? With web copy that connects. 

Everyone is so obsessed with creating copy that converts that they’re missing the most important step–creating a relationship. 

When your customer knows you, likes you, and trusts you, that’s when conversion happens. 

So if you’re looking for a formula that will get everyone to love you, buy your thing, tell everyone they know, and never wander their eyes to your competitor, here it is: Connect with your people. 

Give them something to dream about, aspire to, hope for. 

And you have about 15 seconds to do that. No pressure. Fifteen seconds is about how long you have to grab someone’s attention. 

So, instead of using the above-the-fold real estate on your homepage to launch into your bulleted list of services, show them their life after they’ve bought your product or service. Aspirational content is a powerful magnet. 

Think about your current customers. How have you changed their lives? Because you did. 

No matter what you do, you change lives. Do you sell tape dispensers? Their life before that was a sticky hassle. Do you deliver salt for water softeners? You’re a superhero for anyone who can’t lug a 40 lb bag of salt in the cart, to the car, to the house, down the basement, into the softener. 

You get the idea. 

An Exercise in Writing Website Taglines

Let’s take an AC repair company. Their USP, unique selling proposition, is that they’re the fastest in town and guarantee they will be onsite within three hours in an emergency. 

How do we flip this around and show customers living their best life?

One way is to keep asking “so what” until you get to the root. So, imagine this hypothetical conversation with the AC client. 

Me: How do you change your customers’ lives? 

Them: We promise to be there in under 3 hours so we can fix their AC right away.

Me: So what? 

Them: They won’t have to suffer the unbearable heat in their home. 

Me: So what?

Them: Well, in my house, my kids would be fussy, we would be sweaty and crabby–even the dog would be miserable. We’d probably have to load the whole whiny bunch into the car to go out to eat so we wouldn’t have to turn on the oven, and no one would be able to sleep. It would be a nightmare. 

Me: Ah ha! Parents feel desperate and out of control, the house is chaos.An average day seems heavenly.  

With this nugget of information, we can give customers the dream of the very best case scenario on a 100-degree day when the AC goes out: a normal day at home. 

Tagline: “If your AC stops working, we’ll have your life back to blissfully normal in under 3 hours.” 

Then, add the impact of an image that allows the customer to see themselves living in that “after” state of bliss. 

Like this: perfectly messy life, a normal day.

Do Your Website Taglines Need a Little Something?

If your website taglines are more “workhorse” than “show horse,” meaning, you got right to the point of what you do and not how fabulous your clients’ lives could be after you sweep in and save the day, don’t sweat it. I can help you. Reach out when you’re ready to talk.


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